The Legacy of Giving

Pandy Garvic began her involvement with our organization nearly 25 years ago, as a member of the Hillsborough Auxiliary to Peninsula Family Service. Her parents had a strong commitment to their community. “My mother was the first woman to be the mayor of our city, and one of the first women mayors in Ohio in the mid-1960’s. I always admired her ability to see the bigger picture in meeting our community’s needs.”

From her collaboration in the development of the Winners Breakfast, a recognition program for students who succeeded despite very challenging life situations, to her participation in the PFS Board of Directors, Pandy has shown a true commitment to our mission. “Joining the Board of Directors is one of my greatest honors. Every time I sat at this table, I was so greatly inspired by the talented and dedicated Board and staff.”

One of our greats!

Pandy has been one of our greatest ambassadors, even with her family. In the words of her son, Josh Garvic, Senior Counsel at PayPal: “My mom has been a longtime supporter, auxiliary and board member, so I have always been aware of the mission of Peninsula Family Service. From a very early age my parents instilled in me the value of giving back to others.” Josh feels very fortunate to work as an attorney at PayPal, a corporation that believes in giving back and supporting the community. “At PayPal I work supporting the consumer financial products. My job is very rewarding as PayPal has a very customer-first vision. Our CEO is really passionate about making PayPal the go-to financial resource for the financially underbanked, unbanked, and underserved.”

Having supported Peninsula Family Service in his early formative years, it was only natural for Josh to think about our organization when he learned about the the PayPal Gives grant program that his company offers. “The PayPal Gives grant process is pretty simple. Twice a year we have an opportunity to nominate an organization. I encourage everyone to explore the company match opportunities that are available in their workplace.” Josh believes that our Financial Empowerment program resonates with PayPal’s goal to bring financial products and services closer to people. “PayPal strives to be an alternative. We want to allow people who have been historically disenfranchised to have equally powerful tools at a much more democratized price point.”

For Pandy, one of the best aspects of corporate giving is the opportunity for the employees to recommend an organization that fits the company’s giving profile. “We are immensely proud and grateful to have received this award from a corporation that believes in giving back to the community.” When asked about family life and if he wishes for his children to follow the path of philanthropy, Josh couldn’t agree more: “We want our child to learn the values of giving back and being involved in our community.”