About the TPP

Join Peninsula Family Service, Skyline College, South San Francisco Unified School District, Jefferson Elementary School District, Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County, Community Equity Collaborative, and IHSD to support the Teacher Pipeline Project

Problem: Early Education in San Mateo County has a Workforce Crisis*.

Solution: Build a pool of locally diverse Early Childhood Education professionals through the Teacher Pipeline Project (TPP).

Peninsula Family Service has written a Google Impact Challenge Bay Area 2019 grant to expand Community Equity Collaborative’s Teacher Pipeline Project to South San Francisco and Daly City and to disseminate the model across the state.

The Teacher Pipeline Project connects diverse local populations to a nine-month, 12 unit, accelerated ECE pathway through Skyline College. The program will be held in the community at the Orange Park Clubhouse of the Boys & Girls Clubs in South San Francisco and at General Pershing School in Daly City. Classes will be wrapped with meals, childcare, coaching, job training, academic development, internships, and other community support as needed to remove barriers and make it possible for those interested to become certified ECE professionals. The program also includes mobile-based messaging to build feedback loops and reinforce learning. TPP students will receive a stipend and internships will be paid.

Why TPP is the Solution

  1. It’s achievable – TPP builds off a successful existing model the Community Equity Collaborative (CEC) launched in Redwood City. CEC students have had an 88% course success rate.
  2. It’s life changing for the TPP students and their families.
  3. It builds a local diverse workforce, increasing local ECE access.
  4. It creates access to early childhood education for children, ages from birth to 5 years old, as they prepare for Kindergarten, and stabilizes families as they work or go to school.

How you can help – Endorse the Teacher Pipeline Project so the Impact Challenge judges know how important it is to our community.

Contact Heather Cleary, Peninsula Family Service CEO hcleary@peninsulafamilyservice.org or 650-544-3579 to support the local expansion of TPP to Daly City and South San Francisco.

Results of TPP Redwood City:

The first TTP Redwood City Cohort had an 88% course success rate throughout the year.

100% of Pipeline Students said the Teacher Pipeline Program increased their interest in early learning careers and their commitment to studying early childhood education.

*The number of new early learning teachers needed by 2025 to keep pace with the growing need for early care and education spaces in San Mateo County alone is 2,491. It is estimated that the shortfall of child care spaces for children ages 0-4 will be 13,981 by 2025. Brion Economics. “2016 Early Learning Facilities Needs Assessment: San Mateo County.”