About Lauren

Lauren Murphy is a San Mateo neighbor and one of our Advancement Team interns. As a rising sophomore studying Economics and Legal Studies at UC Santa Cruz, Lauren values the insights that this internship provides. “Spending this summer with Peninsula Family Service has given me valuable experience and it has helped me narrow the parameters of my studies. It has also helped me further my passion to aid my local community.”

Lauren has known about Peninsula Family Service for many years. “When my family and I moved from England in 2001, we soon learned about Peninsula Family Service and its mission. Fast forward fifteen years, Peninsula Family Service remains a landmark nonprofit serving the locals of San Mateo County.”

The Motivation Behind It

Peninsula Family Service believes in the valuable input of millennials like Lauren. “I found myself eager to get involved in an organization dedicated to the progress of those who live right next door. At Peninsula Family Service, I have been given opportunities to fulfill my goals by contributing towards a variety of projects,” says Lauren. “I collaborate in the development of grant proposals and facilitate client interaction. I am happy to be able to do all of this at a local, community-focused nonprofit.”

Lauren appreciates how her volunteer experiences have shaped her personality and point of view. “Whether at an Alzheimer’s clinic, sorting groceries at a food bank, or leading a summer camp for disadvantaged youth, one striking similarity is that all of my volunteer experiences have awarded me with a more humble and grounded state of mind.”

She chose volunteering as a way to learn from others. “I found that I can learn something from everyone I meet.” For her, volunteering is inspiring because it furthers her clarity towards her long-term goals. “Those I seek to aid end up helping me equally if not more than I help them. I have found that truly everyone has a lesson or perspective to teach you if you are willing to listen.”

Lauren encourages others in her generation to do the same. “Volunteering is one of the most empowering experiences any millennial can choose to pursue. It gives you a chance to solidify your values and put action behind your generous ideas and intentions. With just a little time invested you can contribute to change, improve lives, and inspire others to do the same.”