Early Learning Before COVID-19: STEM from the Start

During FY19-20, a priority program in early learning had been to perfect our STEM from the Start pilot program so that over the next three years we can expand SteM to all of the children we serve. STEM awakens interest in science, technology, engineering, and math for all of our students; in fact, studies show that learning math in the earliest years is as important as literacy to success in school and beyond. Funding for this program resulted in trained PFS teachers utilizing a comprehensive STEM curriculum, instructional coaches for our teachers, and most importantly— STEM learning activities in each classroom every day, supported by a comprehensive math and technology platform. PFS have actively worked with Stanford Graduate School of Education on a math-learning app in our classrooms.

Benefits of STEM for children we serve:

  • Plan and carry out investigations
  • Analyze and interpret data
  • Use mathematics and computational thinking
  • Construct explanations through engineering
  • Engage in arguments from evidence
  • Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information

COVID-19 Helping our Families Thrive

Our Early Learning teachers and family engagement staff have been a lifeline to the families we support. In partnership with Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley, every Friday families picked up food boxes at our Midway Child Development Center in Daly City. Over 180 boxes of food were handed out each week by staff and volunteers. Our teachers prepared and delivered learning activity kits for the children, as well as gift cards for essential needs, provided through the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund.