Effective Monday, March 16, we have stopped all group services at our Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center and at our 8 Early Learning Centers (ELC) until further notice. There will be no reception services at the main office at 24 Second Avenue. Though our sites are closed, our staff members are currently being paid and are working remotely as their position allows.

We are taking steps to stay in touch and support our program participants as follows:

Early Learning:
We are checking in with all of our families to determine their needs, and the ways we may be helpful. We are still planning to support our Second Harvest Food Pantry at Midway ELC on Fridays.

Older Adult Services:
Services are now available by phone or online. By calling 650.780.7542, older adults will speak to an experienced professional with a wide network of community resources and services including how to respond to this crisis, food resources, wellness checks, emotional support calls, and more.

Financial Empowerment:
Workshops are now online. Our DriveForward loan program, Lending Circles, and other services will be handled by phone or online. We will check in with our active loan recipients to work on any payment challenges. For information visit

All in-person opportunities are paused for now. However, visit our volunteer page,, as there may be offsite opportunities to help provide our program participants with their essential needs.

We continue to work closely with governmental agencies, funders, and numerous local partners. For those working on the Census, the Questionnaire Assistance Centers, originally scheduled at PFS, will be postponed or cancelled.

You may reach any staff member via their e-mail address, which is generally their (first initial)(lastname) (no spaces), or email For staff with telephone extensions, you may still leave a message and your phone call will be returned.

Please let us know if we may help you in any way, and we will continue to keep you updated.

To each and every one of you, we send you our very best wishes for good health and safety in this difficult time.

Warm regards,
Heather Cleary