Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center

Exercise more. Eat healthier. Make new friends. Spend more time exploring your hobbies. These are a few check-boxes to mark off the retirement list of a thriving older adult!

The Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center, run by Peninsula Family Service, helps older adults maintain their health, independence, and quality of life. There are many services provided to older adults at the center: nutritious meals, health screenings, social activities, and fitness classes for free or reduced costs.

Laura, age 76, had a stroke last year and became paralyzed on her left side. Embarrassed by her walker and lack of independence, she became a shut-in. Her in-law, Betty, worried about her deteriorating health, and encouraged her to find activities that would keep her mobile and active. They found Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center and committed to trying one class.

One fitness class was all it took to get Laura and Betty hooked—now they take part in almost every program offered at Fair Oaks. Every day they attend exercise classes, eat healthy meals, and participate in social activities. They make use of every activity they can, including the grief support groups, garden club, and English as a Second Language classes. Laura takes English conversation class to improve her English, a longtime goal. Betty, who only speaks English, helps Laura, and is learning Spanish as a result. With her improved stability and strength, Laura no longer has to use a walker. She feels much more confident and self-assured and is so grateful to have found a place where she feels comfortable and welcome.

To learn more about all of our older adult programs contact Geri Lustenberg, Older Adult Program Administrative Assistant, glustenberg@peninsulafamilyservice.org, or call 650.403.4300 x4389.