An article by Cherie M. Querol Moreno

Cherie M. Querol Moreno, Journalist and Got Wheels! Program Manager at Peninsula Family Service, has written the article, How To Respond To Anti-AAPI Hate, during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Please read the excerpt from the article and click on the link below to view the full article published in, Positively Filipino Magazine:

“This year marks the 30th anniversary of the enactment of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, a historic event in itself. If the definition of a generation as 25 years holds true, many Americans may not be aware that the impetus behind the federal designation is to highlight AAPI’s contributions to this nation, which now, more than ever, need reiteration.”

Hate against any US immigrant group surges and ebbs according to events involving its ancestral homeland. Chinese and Chinese-looking people have been unfairly blamed for the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken more than one million American lives and hundreds of thousands of infected victims since March 2020. More than 9,000 hate acts against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have been documented to date by the advocacy group Stop AAPI Hate.”

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