Our Financial Empowerment program

When James, a 52-year-old mechanic, found it difficult to qualify for a car loan due to his credit, Peninsula Family Service’s Financial Empowerment program was there to help. The training helped James create a plan to manage his money and slowly build up his credit. As James’ credit went back up, he was able to qualify for a car loan with a reasonable interest rate through the DriveForward program.

“I had never dreamed of buying a nice car. This was made possible through careful planning, discipline and of course, the people who taught me how to do it responsibly at Peninsula Family Service.”

And James’ dreams don’t stop there. “I work for a good company and they really like me. In two years, when the company moves to North Carolina, I am moving with them. Without this start, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. Now, I have plans that I never thought possible: buying a home, for example.”

James’ life has turned around and he knows that his financial success is possible thanks to generous donors like you. “For all of you out there that make these programs possible, I say thank you. Thanks to you, I am ahead on my bills and I am ahead of the game for once in my life.”

To learn more about how your support makes a difference though the Financial Empowerment programs at Peninsula Family Service, click here.