Fair Oaks Chess Club

Do you like chess? Are you 55 or older? We might have just what you are looking for! The Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center in Redwood City has a Chess Club.

According to Karel van Delft, who gave a lecture at the 2015 London Chess Conference, chess is gymnastics for the mind. Our brains are muscles, and we must exercise them to keep them healthy. Those who play chess regularly stay mentally fit, thus delaying or even preventing dementia.

Chess clubs help people keep social connections. These connections are remarkably important as we grow older and have more time to enjoy the company of others. As we gain more time to relax and do the things we love, finding people with common interests helps us feel better about ourselves and our place in the world.

Wouldn’t it be nice to practice your chess? Or to learn a new and fun way to keep your brain health in check? Join us! The Chess Club meets every Monday from 9 am to noon, at the Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center.

For more information, contact Angelo Pissani, our Information and Assistance Specialist. You can reach him via e-mail or by phone at 650-780-7542.