Award Winners Impact: STEM from the START

In October 2021, Peninsula Family Service (PFS) will award two very special 2020-2021 awards.

Both of our PFS award winners are making a tremendous, life-changing impact on the development of the signature PFS STEM from the Start program. Even during shelter-in-place, STEM from the Start has grown as we continue our work to build a full program with a comprehensive STEM curriculum, fully-trained teachers across all classrooms, and top-quality STEM education for every child.

Our deepest gratitude goes to our 2020-2021 award winners, Judy Swanson and the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Without them, STEM from the Start at PFS would not be possible. Their support and expertise build a strong foundation for learning and success in the lives of our children.

Find the full 2021 Annual Report here: