Timothy's Story

Timothy is a big man towering at 6’6” and his presence can be intimidating. However, when he speaks we quickly see that he is a soft-spoken gentleman with a kind demeanor and good attitude. Timothy found Peninsula Family Service (PFS) by applying to the DriveForward auto loan program. As Aileen Ochoa, our financial empowerment coordinator, worked with Timothy, it became clear that he should enroll in our Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), to gain financial stability. When qualified participants aged 55+ meet financial guidelines and enter the SCSEP program, they are placed into a paid internship for 15 hours per week, and paid minimum wage.

Theresa Barnard, a job developer in the SCSEP program worked with Timothy. She created a customized job plan and goals, helped him develop job skills, and coached him on resume and interview preparation to build Timothy’s confidence. Timothy was placed at John XXIII Multiservice Center to intern as a kitchen assistant and front office clerk. He proved to be an asset at the center as he gained job skills and developed relationships with staff and participants. Then Timothy was offered an opportunity to interview for a permanent full-time position as a security guard at the center.

Timothy and Theresa prepared for the interview together. He was nervous about being interviewed in front of a five-person panel. Once the interview was over, he found himself employed, on track towards financial stability, and qualifying for our DriveForward auto loan.

Timothy is now a beloved security guard with a strong physical presence but the heart and voice of a truly gentle soul. We thank you, our supporters, for making this story possible. We work to ensure that all of our participants, like Timothy, have access to multiple programs and services to help them thrive.