Olivia's Experience

When Olivia was laid-off from her job, she worried that when it was safe to return to work, it would be more challenging to be hired as a mature worker. Her extensive career as an Administrative Assistant had been successful; she hoped that she would find new employment soon. Her desire to receive assistance with her job search prompted Olivia to enroll in the Mature Worker Job-Coaching Program at Peninsula Family Service (PFS), and to register at the NOVA Job Center, a collaborative partner program that builds the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to address the workforce needs of Silicon Valley.

Olivia was grateful that these services were available on a remote basis, due to COVID-19. She took advantage of NOVA workshops on important job search topics such as enhancing her LinkedIn profile and learning how to maximize its features for the job search. Olivia received one-on-one coaching from the Mature Worker Program’s career adviser, and participated in the Program’s discussion groups to hear concerns—and encouragement—from other mature workers

Olivia is now employed as an Administrative Assistant for a CPA firm, where she is proud of how she has demonstrated her quick-learning ability for newer software. This position also allows Olivia to continue to grow in her career.

This program is funded by the County of Santa Clara.

With your support, mature workers like Olivia will gain confidence and grow into a second career. Find out more about the Mature Worker Program and Nova Job Center here: Anne van Tonningen at avantonningen@novaworks.org.