The Note

Dear Supporters,

The last year has been difficult for all of us as we navigated a world of shutdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our neighbors have suffered deeply from: job loss, food insecurity, loneliness, isolation, and lack of early learning care. Their lives have been much more difficult because of challenges intensified by the pandemic.

I am proud of the many ways Peninsula Family Service (PFS) has continued our important programs and pivoted to add new activities over the past year. Our staff has risen to the occasion, putting participants and their needs first, while attending to their own challenges.

Please visit our virtual newsletter on our website to read about some of our participants and how they have managed to thrive during the hardships brought on by the pandemic.

If you are moved to help individuals and families thrive when they cannot do it on their own, please consider a donation to keep our programs moving forward.

We are building strength, resilience, and hope during these uncertain times.

Best Wishes,
Heather Cleary, CEO