Our Thanks!

At the one-year mark of our first shelter-in-place, I stop to think about all that has transpired. I am deeply moved by the hardships of the pandemic for so many in our community, and greatly appreciate the emergency assistance that has been made possible by our extended PFS family.

In addition to our ongoing efforts, I am proud to announce that since March 2020, Peninsula Family Service has raised or facilitated the distribution of almost one million dollars ($1M) in gift cards, Community Lift Grants, Guardian Angel Grants, and other direct support for staff and program participants most in need. This positive impact has been essential for so many who have lost income and stability.

Amidst all the challenges, PFS is even stronger. Our staff have been amazing in adapting and innovating to serve our program participants. Our Governing Board, leadership groups, and committees have risen to the occasion in so many ways.

You as partners in our community have taken so many steps to keep us strong! You are individual donors, amazing Hillsborough, Foothill and Red-Car-Bel Auxiliary members, foundation and corporate leaders, nonprofit colleagues and volunteers. You join us in lifting our community through the hardest of times.

Positive signs indicate some of the restrictions of the pandemic may ease this year, but recovery will take a long time. We are extremely aware of the suffering in our community prior to the pandemic, and that hardships will continue for so many. With your help, we will continue to build a community where opportunity, financial stability, and wellness are secured for all.

Together we are, Opening Doors, Changing Lives.