Without a bank account, families pay a premium to use check cashing services, losing their hard-earned income to these high service fee providers. What’s preventing them from joining the financial mainstream? Often lacking financial role models of their own, unbanked individuals can find banks intimidating, may be unable to meet minimum balances, and worry about overdraft fees or fines.

In collaboration with Community Financial Resources, we offer a VISA prepaid debit card to give participants immediate access to funds with no monthly fees. By using direct deposit, paychecks can automatically be loaded onto the debit card, eliminating the need for costly check cashing.

Funds are not only more accessible, but more easily tracked, helping families keep an eye on spending and develop better financial habits.

How it works

Our VISA prepaid debit card can be used wherever VISA is accepted. Unlike a credit card, you are spending your own money instead of borrowing from a bank. Via direct deposit, participants can load the card with their paycheck, benefits such as Social Security, and even tax refunds. That money is immediately available with no fees or waiting in line to cash a check. Using a debit card instead of cash creates an online transaction history to help participants track expenses and keep spending in line.

Do I Qualify?

To qualify, participants should have a Social Security Number.

How to apply
For both Santa Clara and San Mateo County inquiries, fill our the interest form or contact our Financial Empowerment Coordinators at 650.403.4300 ext 4105.

We are able to offer our VISA prepaid debit program thanks to a partnership with Community Financial Resources (CFR). As founders of this innovative program, CFR collaborates with select community-based organizations to encourage beneficial money-management behaviors among low to moderate-income households.

Interest Forms

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