Volunteering Opportunities

Older Adult Services Volunteer Opportunities
Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center – Redwood City

  • Support our Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center staff to host a party for our older adults at Fair Oaks with food, music, and games
  • Teach a special workshop at Fair Oaks Adult Activity Center (experience required)
  • Teach basic computer and smartphone skills at Fair Oaks

Peer Counseling

  • Attend 35-hour training to become a peer counsel to support older adults who are isolated, alone or in need of various types of support. Through the training, you will learn active listening skills, recognize and respond to grief, depression, and anxiety, learn about other resources available for referrals with the opportunity to work with diverse cultures. Volunteers who speak Mandarin, Tagalog, Spanish, or identify LGBTQ are encouraged to apply.
  • Support Peer Counseling Recognition Event through Raffle prizes, centerpieces and entertainment

For more information, visit Peer Counseling